Saturday, February 1, 2014

After the Challenge

It was a great month. I sold some, some were commissions and some were slated for juried shows or are already in shows. I now have close to 30 new paintings. Without the challenge I would have had about 10, maybe. And I have new friends from all across the States, UK and Australia.

What did I learn?

• not every painting is good
• not every surface is the same, they all produce quite a different look
• a play on words does not always work ("Bananas" for "Bandanas"), but it does get attention
• fast is good, slow is good— but even a half an hour is enough time to do something
• periwinkle still rules, but red is tiptoeing in to my life
• if you are not selling paintings, it's usually because no one knows about you — get it out there!

Yes, I will keep the blog going about 3 times a week... if life is fair.


  1. I loved coming along on this journey with you! I am still all about the hand mixer, but the collage is a tapestry of your hard work this month. Can't wait to see some in person soon!

  2. Nice work !! Looks and sounds like a very successful 30 days!