Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Internet Can Be a Good Thing

I got this email last week:

Dear Ms Kossow;

Years ago I purchased a painting on line I think via e-bay. Its been hanging in my house for at least 10 yrs, it is an ocean scene, grey/blue/beige scheme with a liminous green in the center,,,,signed CKKossow 69'. Is this your work???  It has a sort of antique look  to it. I purchased it as it captures the sun through high waves on a late summer  West Dennis MA beach....Often wondered about the artist.

Warren M
Billerica MA

My response

WOW is all I can say. There are a couple of strange coincidences going on here. I would love to see it— can you send an image?

In 1969 I could have signed a piece of art "CKKossow".  I never had a middle name and adopted the K for a while because I felt left out.

I used to go to Harwichport for vacations with my family, though not West Dennis. I honestly have no recollection of this art, but it was the late 60s after all, enough said, right?

What is so interesting is that I went to Parsons in 1971, then eventually had a 35 yr career in graphic design. I "retired" two years ago to see what would happen if I tried painting again—picked up pastels and have not looked back. But to have you contact me from a piece of art I might have done in 1969 just astounds me.

Here is the painting. I do remember it, an oil. I know it's me because I also put the apostrophe after the year incorrectly — only to learn some years later that it goes before!

The best Warren and I can come up with is that when I cleaned out my Dad's house in Briarcliff Manor NY, about 2004, some one went through the pile of trash on the curb and put this up on EBay. I think the Cape connection is just a coincidence.

The internet is full of surprises, like what the heck will I paint for the next 30 Days...

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