Sunday, February 22, 2015


Yesterday, we said goodbye to our dearest Ursa. For nearly 13 years, she taught us in the ways of Gratitude; Presence in this very moment; Frisky; Acceptance; Adoration. She had no big ambitions that might get dashed. No regrets. She taught us that it is OK to just sit in the back yard all afternoon. When the Divine sparked the notion of life, well lived, it was Ursa she had in mind. 
We intend to pay attention to her lessons. We will continue to walk up and down the hills every day – sometimes twice as we did with her – but if only once, that will be OK too.

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  1. A noble and delightful canine spirit. As my Mom says, "If there's a heaven for humans, there is certainly one for our pets." Peaceful Journey, Ursa!