Sunday, January 31, 2016

16 of 19

There is always something to learn in these challenges, and this is my fifth one. The collage has 16 of the final 19 paintings— I missed a few and really didn't want to create the collage again, so I will post a few stragglers below.

Some thoughts on this challenge:

Over 1400 artists participated in this challenge,  with some great themes— bunnies on plaid, lots of cows, fly fishing ties, before/after...

I created some new surfaces, with rougher applied grounds that added texture.

I was not as organized with this one, nor did I have a theme, and this resulted in a lot of wasted time.

Two paintings sold.

My sweet spot is 4:00, it just seems to be when I land in my studio, best not to fight it.

No matter what I do,  my palate is usually leaning towards cool.


  1. Beautiful work Christine!! eclectic theme and all!

  2. LOVE! The blueberries are so sweet!
    Good luck = )

  3. Congratulations Cristine! Beautiful work, I specially like the first landscape you did! It's great to discover also how we work best!