Saturday, August 26, 2017

Champlain County Art Expo

It's hard to believe I have been living in Vermont for two months now. We love everything about it—
the farms, cows, local food, Middlebury College, family across the street...

I decided to get my feet wet by entering the Champlain County Fair Art Expo. Got a call last night that I had won 5 awards! I will be in NYC for the ceremony, but I am sending hubby up to accept and check out the show. He is thrilled because it's the same night as the Burnett Scrap Metal Pick Up Truck Figure 8 Race and Demolition Derby. It's a great country!

In the Kitchenware category:

           Mixmaster  14 x 11 pastel                         KitchenAid UltraPower  14 x 11 pastel
        Second Place                                                      Honorable Mention

In the Just Locks category:

Commitment  20 x 24 pastel
Second Place
In the Pastel Category:

Goin' Postal 9 x 12 pastel 
Honorable Mention

Another Autumn  11 x 14 pastel 
First Place

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