Sunday, January 4, 2015

Downton Tea

Downton Tea  5 x 7 pastel

Day 5 —It seemed fitting to honor the gang as we kick off season 5, but I think I need
a break from tea cups.

I have painted this before, but back then I left out the inside embellishment. 

Hot Cuppa  18 x 24 pastel


  1. Stunning pieces! I love how you used the striped hat box and lid to move the viewer's eye around the painting.

    1. This was actually a commission, sort of, to go in a tea shop to commemorate the 100 yr anniversary of Beacon, NY. Apparently Beacon was the Hat Capitol of America in the early 1900's — who knew?

  2. Beautiful pastels of the tea cups and the hat box really adds another lovely spot. Nice work!