Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gerard's Porch

Gerard's Porch  8 x 10 pastel

Day 26 — I never knew Gerard. About a year ago, I was gifted his pastels from his daughter-in-law Ellen Hopkins Fountain, an amazing watercolor artist.

I have lots of pastels, and they are all mixed together in my working box, but somehow I just know when I am using one of Gerard's sticks. In fact his stash netted my coveted Girault #282 periwinkle.

Last summer Ellen invited me to the family summer house in Maine. This home is everything a summer house is supposed to be: comfy chairs to read in, board games, old Yankee Magazines, funny outdated kitchen gadgets, an outdoor shower —  and Gerard's porch.


  1. Exactly! Everything a summer house is meant to be.
    Ever so glad those pastels found their way into the right hands!

  2. A nice tribute to Gerard, I like this one. I like all of your work. you're very talented! Nearly at 30....